Get Connected To New Business

Connector is a must-have business intelligence and prospecting service that puts you in the box seat to win more clients.

Connector's research team identifies companies that are undergoing significant growth or change, meaning they will be more receptive to your tailored business approach.

What is Connector?

Connector will identify new client opportunities...

Connector provides you with a valid reason to engage a prospect at a time when they will be reassessing their marketing, advertising, PR, printing and sponsorship needs.

Each sales opportunity is handpicked by Connector’s dedicated telephone research team and focuses on upcoming business activities, allowing you to shape business decisions before a pitch is called or budget allocated.

Connector will fuel your new business engine

  • Spend more time pitching for business rather than looking for it

  • More prospects, more opportunities and more revenue

  • Significant productivity savings

  • Senior decision makers at your fingertips

  • Motivation & inspiration

Data Services

Connector is powered by Connector Data, the freshest source of executive contact data in Australia.

Connector Data's unrivalled recency and accuracy will drive your results and comes with a deliverability guarantee.

All Connector Data contact information is hand-crafted and carries a last-checked date stamp giving you complete confidence that your campaign will hit the mark.

To find out how Connector Data can optimise your direct mail and telemarketing activities contact us at